Included here are original songs I wrote, covers of some rather popular songs, and collaborations with others, where they wrote the original song, and I either contributed instruments, or wrote lyrics to them. This is by NO MEANS an exhaustive list. I have many songs I mean to add to this, particularly covers, they just need some tweaking before they're ready for posting. I also have a multitude of songs at ( a collaboration site that I'm a member of ) that will be added here, as they are completed. Anyone who is interested in working with one of my originals is welcome to contact me at If you wish to work with one of the other songs, you need to contact the person that owns the rights to that song.




Close My Eyes Forever - 2015

I wrote the words and music for this new ballad. Enrico Nichelatti of Rome, Italy (an orchestral musician) provided the violins, cellos, and violas for the string section. He also did the bass guitar and drums, really filling out the song. I did the piano, vocals and acoustic guitar...


Love Song - 2014

I wrote this song and did the vocals (although Kim Noble is working on a different version that I will also post here, when completed). I played the main guitars and guitar solo, and bass, and James Watson of California added in ambient guitars and keyboards. Raul R of Miami did the drums.


She Keeps Dreaming - 2014

The second Country music song I've written. Again, Ryan Lucas provided his amazing vocals for this, and Smokey Fennell played the steel guitar. Raul R did the drums and I did everything else...


Don't Wake Me (I'm Dreaming) - 2014

Hard rocking ballad in the vein of Evanescence. All vocals and instruments are me....


The Mystery Of Mason - 2014

An Instrumental that I wrote for my grandson, Mason...


Rhapsody 109 - 2014

A birthday present for an old friend, her birthday is January 9th...


Don't Get Me Started - 2015

Bluesy Rock song that I wrote... all instruments and vocals are me.






Songs that I originated, although some will have lyrics written by other people.

* * * * * * * * *

A Smile For Summer - 2011 INSTRUMENTAL
After You're Gone - 2011 (Patricia Dovidio Vocals)
Angel's Last Flight - 2010 INSTRUMENTAL
Attitude - 2011 (Jeanette Krohn on Vocals)

Lyrics by Jeanette Krohn

Back Where I Belong - 2012 (Jeanette Krohn on Vocals)

Lyrics by Jeanette Krohn

Better Off Without You - 2011
Boy Meets Girl - 2007
Broken - 2013 (Danny Singer Vocals)

Lyrics by Danny Singer & Danny Milligan

Can't Get You Out Of My Head - 2013
Falling - 2013
Girl Of My Dreams - 2007
Holly's Home - 2011 INSTRUMENTAL

I Believe - 2007/2013

I Can't Forget You - 2013 (Paul Wakefield Vocals)

I Can't Forgive (What I Can't Forget) - 2014

I'm Not Through (With Loving You) - 2012
It Never Goes Away - 2013 (Jeanette Krohn Vocals)
It's Always Been You - 2011
Jetstream - 2007 INSTRUMENTAL
Karma - 2010
Keep Me Away From You - 2012 (TerryHeart & Dazzlefly Vocals)
Kelley Rae - 2012 INSTRUMENTAL
Love Bleeds - 2012 (Jeanette Krohn on Vocals)

Lyrics by Jeanette Krohn

Maneater - 2009
Memories - 2011
Moonlight And Me - 2013
Never-Never Land - 2013 INSTRUMENTAL (Featuring Brad Dunbar)

Once Upon A Time - 2013 (Ryan Lucas Vocals)

Pride - 2012

Right Before My Eyes - 2013

Shake It Like You Mean It - 2011
She Used To Be Mine - 2010
Shinin' - 2011
Silence In Your Soul - 2012 INSTRUMENTAL
Slipping Away - 2007 INSTRUMENTAL
Snowed In - 2011 INSTRUMENTAL
Song For Brittany - 2011 INSTRUMENTAL
Symphony For Jennifer - 2006 INSTRUMENTAL
Take Me With You - 2012 (Jeanette Krohn Vocals)
That Train Ain't Gonna Roll - 2011
The Other Guy - 2011
The Way It Goes - 2011

Until It Bleeds - 2013

Walk Away - 2013
Where I Belong - 2013 (Sheri Magistad Vocals)

Lyrics by Sheri Magistad & Danny Milligan

Who I Used To Be - 2012 (Ray LaPointe Vocals)
You Don't Own Me - 2013
You'll Never Know - 2013


These are other composers songs that I contributed to, either with instruments, or by writing lyrics to the song. The original composers own all copyrights to these tracks, so if you want to use them, I suggest you track them down in

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A Soul Divided - There are too many contributing artists on this Kompoz collaboration to list them all. I was asked to add guitars to it, so all the guitars you hear are me. Marcus J. of the UK composed all the original music, then had other musicians from all over the world play on it, including me. Ann "Dazzlefly" wrote lyrics and vocals, then got (at last count) TWENTY-SIX other people to add vocals to it. It's a massive work of art that is still underway. This is a mix that I made (at Ann's request), in mid 2011.
Dayton City Blues - This bluesy piece was at another collaboration site that I was a member of. I auditioned for the guitarist part, but the composer left the site before I heard whether it worked for him. I don't recall what his name was now, and cannot put this song on any cd without his permission, so it sits here as just a demo of what might have been...
Get Around To You I was invited to add lead guitars to this excellent pop song, composed by Marcus J. of England (Kompozers are notorious for not posting their full names, lol! I think I might be a rare exception to that rule!) Derek Clegg wrote the lyrics and did all the vocals, and Jeff Brownlee (who played bass on several of my songs) mixed this down for us. Marcus played all the instruments, except where otherwise noted.
Going Down Slow - This powerful melody was originally composed by Darren Houghton of the UK. I contributed the lyrics, and an Australian feller named Lukas Adro took my lyrics and sang a POWERFUL vocal to this song. I'm flattered that he liked my words, and did such a wonderful job with them.

I Won't Forget Another Kompoz collaboration that I was invited to contribute to. Kim Harris wrote the music and played all the instruments (except for my lead guitar parts). Sheri Magistad wrote the lyrics and sang them..

If I Told You Another of my more mellow compositions, this one features Scotland's Ian Pellow on fretless bass guitar, and Miami's Raul R. on drums and percussion. It stayed as strictly instrumental for several months, until I asked Jeanette to take a shot at writing lyrics for it and singing them...

Inside Groove - Jeff Collins started out with a fabulous bass and drum groove, then invited me to add my own style of guitars and keyboards to it. I think he was surprised with the end result, lol! What can I say? When this cowboy wants to Jam, he can JAMMMMMMM.....

Remember Forever James Watson asked me to contribute lead guitars to this wonderful song he'd composed. Nate came back and added the lyrics and vocals to this song, then left We hope he'll come back, soon, talent like his will be sorely missed!

So Far Away - Gustavo Lopez of Belgium invited me to contribute whatever I wanted to this beautiful piano song he'd composed. I added my guitars, then wrote lyrics to the song. To date, no singers have come forward to take a shot at it, so you'll have to endure my horrible singing, lol!

Songwriter's Blues -This collaboration was written by Jeanette Krohn, and she asked me to add my lead guitar work to it, which I was more than happy to do. I don't often do slide, anymore, so this was a refreshing break from the normal flurries of notes that I throw out there, lol.

Stay This Way Nicola Offidani of Italy wrote the music for this song, and played all the instruments (except the bass guitar, provided by Yours, Truly). Sheri Magistad came in and added lyrics and her vocals to this collaboration.

Sweet Love (I Called Paradise) - Jeanette Krohn is one of the most popular and prolific artists at I was honored when she asked me to sit in on this song she wrote, and she even asked me to mix it down (once she was happy with all the contributions, lol!). I added my own lead guitars to this, as well as bass guitar, organ, and even sang the "sha la las" in the chorus, lol! If you get a chance, look her up on Kompoz, she does some truly amazing songwriting and singing. I particularly love the fact that she sounds like Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders, lol!

Take My Breath Away - I first ran across this beautiful song in Kompoz. It started out as a short (about a minute and a half) song with just Dani's voice and Jim's breathtaking acoustic guitar work. I felt like the song had such huge potential, and after consulting with them (Danielle Avile wrote the lyrics, and Jim Cavenaugh wrote the music), I extended the song out, added guitars, drums, piano and strings to it. Dani originally wrote the words as a birthday present to her loved one, I hope my changes added to the gift :-)
Take My Breath Away Remixed! - As I noted above, I loved this song by Dani and Jim, and couldn't resist tinkering with it. I mixed another version, removing Jim's acoustic guitars, then added a more Modern, "poppy" feel to the song, even adding Auto-tune to Danielle's beautiful voice. I think the song will stand as one of my favorite all time songs, but I can't decide which version I like better, lol!

Time Traveler - This song is similar to Dayton City Blues, as far as situation. A young man from southeast Asia posted a fantastic Jazz track, and several guitarists auditioned for it, including Yours, Truly. Funny thing is, he never came back. Even a year later, we never heard from him again. Anyway, this is the take that I did back in 2010, while living in Dayton, Ohio...

You Fall In Love With The Pain This song was written and sung by Chris Carnucci. Chris did the acoustic guitar, drums, and strings. Nigel Robinson of Scotland came in with the bass guitar, and I did the lead guitar solo...


These are songs by various artists, where I have created my own version.

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Always Something There To Remind Me - 2011
Crazy Train - 2001
Everything I Own - 2007
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues - 2011
Grandpa - 2011
Handyman - 1999
Heart Of Gold - 2011
I Miss You - 2012
I Still Love You - 2006
Kissing A Fool - 2002
Main Street - 1999
Overkill - 2014
Push - 2011
Try And Love Again - 1999
Wicked Game - 2014